Opening Day

A tradition here in Maine is opening day, which has been April 1st. However, with all the waters left open year round, April 1st has become less of a tradition to some. I personally try to get some where and wet a line. Over the years I have heard of people sleeping in their vehicles and they start fishing at 12:01 a.m.. I am not that extreme but, if I do go to a popular spot like Grand Lake Stream, I do want to be there just before first light. So each year I find myself fishing some place different and I try to usually drag the same buddies along with me.

So this particular year I took a friend of mine, Dan, who had been bugging me since he was a teenager to go fishing with me. I told him I would take him but it would cost him, not knowing it really would. So I finally gave in and we went in search of trophy brook trout. We decided to go to a spot I hadn’t been in years where I was planning on fly fishing and catch and release, so I never even thought to check the law book. Well, since I had been there, there had been a law change.

When we arrived at the spot we practically ran to the water and someone was already there. So Dan decided to fish around the area and I went exploring. At one point I saw Dan talking to a man. I figured he was leaving and giving Dan his spot but I was wrong. It was a Maine Warden doing some under cover work. He asked to check Dan’s license and to see if he was using two flies which he was. The Maine Warden was very polite and explained the law had changed two years ago but he was going to have to give him a $100 ticket. I guess it did really cost him to go with me!

 photo DSC02272_zps389db857.jpg

The point is, know the laws for the body of water you are fishing and don’t rely on your buddy. We did find those trophy fish and had a very successful fishing trip but, it was a lesson to both of us and a trip we won’t ever forget.

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