2009 NY Steelhead Trip

I have been very fortunate to own www.maineflyfish.com. I have gained many friendships throughout the years and on occasion, I have time to go fishing with them. In 2009 a bunch of us from New England, mostly Maine, met in Upstate New York to fish for steel head. I have been going out there for over 10 years and every trip is memorable, but this trip is at the top of the list.

We were up against high water from run off and the water was discolored. It really didn’t matter, the fish were stacked up and I lost count of how many fish we caught. Instead of telling you in words, I will let the pictures tell the story for me. Enjoy!

 photo IMGP3433_zpse501eba3.jpg

 photo IMGP3459_zps3c46dec1.jpg

 photo 023_zpsc5adfefc.jpg

 photo IMGP3443_zps569e1078.jpg

 photo IMGP3440_zps3efc4bc7.jpg

 photo IMGP3438_zpsc6fdce99.jpg

 photo IMGP0281_zps172b88b1.jpg

 photo IMGP0294_zpsaac530d2.jpg

 photo IMGP0279_zps35c1c7bd.jpg

 photo IMGP0265_zpsbf5e2973.jpg

 photo IMGP0255_zps81124257.jpg

 photo IMGP3507_zpsbea9a09a.jpg

 photo IMGP3471_zps28d06805.jpg

 photo IMGP3488_zps46d6c150.jpg

 photo IMGP3493_zpse8401c6a.jpg

 photo IMGP0269_zps2a3d7ea6.jpg

 photo IMGP0268_zps8551ff09.jpg