West of Rangeley, A Book Review

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Over the last few years I have had the opportunity to meet Robert J. Romano Jr. and read his books. With each book I think he gets better and his new book West of Rangely, is no exception. The book takes place in Western Maine and if you have been there you will recognize a lot of the places that he brings to life. He also brings several modern day issues to to the forefront, without throwing them in your face. The book is set in post 9/11, but brings it home to small town Maine. He brings issues I had no idea were going on in Maine like gold mining in Maine’s streams and rivers. The story also touches on land development on some of Maine’s most pristine lakes and ponds.

His characters and town are well thought out and you really get to know them. I found myself becoming part of the town and could really feel for the situations going on in this small community. I usually have a good feel for where a book is going, but he caught me off guard in the last few chapters and I couldn’t put it down.

This is a great book! I really hope he continues down the road with these characters and keeps the same locations.