The Competition

I will start out by saying, I got my butt kicked by a 10 year old! I know you are asking how could this happen to a great fisherman like me? Well, it all started out innocently. “Hey want to go fishing?” To which my 10 year old son responded yes. I got everything ready and we headed to the river to fish for smallmouth bass. As we drove there, we talked about where we would fish, and if we would fish top water or streamers. So somehow in the conversation I suggested we see who can catch the most fish. My mistake!

Let me set the day up for you. There was no wind and it was a beautiful sunny summer day. We would fish for three hours to a designated spot on the river and whoever had the most fish at that spot would win. So, with conditions like that, we were set up to fish top water.. We both picked out favorite colored popper and we jetted up the river. As I slowed the boat to ready us to fish, Jax was fast casting to the bank. “Fish ON!” he yells. I complained that I wasn’t ready and to wait. That didn’t seem to matter because he was casting again.

Jax was off to a quick lead as it was 8 fish to 2. In my head I was thinking I was going to get my butt kicked. There was no way to catch up but we still had a couple of hours to go. I somehow made a quick come back and it was 10 fish to 10 fish, so the for the rest of the time it was head to head. If he caught a fish, I would either double up with him or have one on soon after. It went like this for the next five fish.

So the score became 15 bass to 15 bass and the end spot was rapidly approaching. We were both casting and hitting likely spots for fish and nothing was happening. We were within a couple hundred feet of the designated end and Jax missed one but put another cast on the bank and was soon into a nice fish. It was 16 to 15! We were within 10 feet of the end and Jax made a cast and I cast down river over his line to a rock right at the end and BAM! A fish hit my fly but Jax went to cast at the same time the fish went for my fly. My line is over his, so when he casts it pulled my fly away form the fish and he dropped his fly in the exact spot the fish went for mine and BAM! Jax had fish number 17 and as he was landing that fish, we floated by the finish line.

 photo DSC07264_zpse0a36f39.jpg

So the final score was 17 to 15. So of course I told him he cheated and when I tell people the first thing I say is did you hear how Jax cheated at fishing. He knows I am just teasing and says, “Dad you know, if it was the other way around, you wouldn’t consider it cheating!” Then he gives me that innocent 10 year old smile. I don’t think it is a day he will soon forget and I know it is a day I will never forget.

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