The Last Bass Trip of The Year

What a way to end the season! I decided to take a buddy and just go fishing instead of guiding. It was a perfect fall day. It was in the high 60s and there were big white puffy clouds and the fish were willing to bite. We landed 78 fish on the fly rod in just six hours.

 photo DSC07858_zpsd343b542.jpg

 photo 1385071_456185147751297_625913645_n_zps607a2a5b.jpg

 photo 1385905_456250097744802_915559305_n_zpsa402f513.jpg

 photo 1185224_456208764415602_1217933165_n_zpse9e01226.jpg

 photo 1375107_456191831083962_1432790602_n_zpsc0088ffe.jpg

 photo DSC07881_zps6d3b970f.jpg

 photo DSC07882_zps807f6c23.jpg

 photo DSC07877_2_zps491b85a2.jpg
Incase we saw any ducks

 photo DSC07897_zpsba95179d.jpg

 photo DSC07884_zps2bf1b824.jpg

 photo DSC07866_zpsc2693624.jpg

 photo DSC07878_zps851d3e63.jpg