On My Own in Florida: Part 2

After spending the day fishing with Capt. Dino for false Albacore in Jupiter, Florida , I drove to Marco Island, Ft. Myers and into the Everglades in search of trying to catch different species of fish on my own. Well I had a little help, I called Danny Legere of http://www.maineguideflyshop.com to book a trip but I just missed him. He guides in Naples in the winter but he pointed me in the right direction. I also stopped at the local fly shop in Naples, http://www.mangroveoutfitters.com. So between the two I at least had some direction to go.

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My rental

 photo IMGP0120_zps1a992405.jpg
Crabs were very where

 photo IMGP0126_zpsa0fdec08.jpg
Tiger tail Beech

 photo IMGP0146_zpsaabef4dd.jpg
Small Jack

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The Hunters

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Baby Tarpon

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Just happened to rain when I was done fishing