Big Fish !

It was a great few days of guiding, the fish were large and willing to eat! I was able to take some great people out from Maine, Connecticut and Florida. The largest small mouth bass was 21 inches and the largest salmon was 22! The pictures will say it all, enjoy.

 photo IMGP0497_zps9f0b81ec.jpg

 photo IMGP0521_zpsd309fd74.jpg

 photo IMGP0499_zpsdf699bd6.jpg

 photo IMGP0508_zps18f297d2.jpg

 photo IMGP0511_zps98415a64.jpg

 photo IMGP0512_zpsc9d18567.jpg

 photo IMGP0514_zpsdced90af.jpg

 photo IMGP0517_zps1367af9d.jpg

 photo IMGP0522_zpsb36b52c9.jpg

 photo IMGP0523_zps0c8811c9.jpg
19 inches

 photo IMGP0524_zpsddba5f1e.jpg
20 inches

 photo IMGP0526_zps55137672.jpg
20 inches

 photo IMGP0536_zps738fc5d5.jpg

 photo IMGP0542_zps57382227.jpg
17 inches

 photo IMGP0545_zps6f7e3fef.jpg
18 inches

 photo IMGP0546_zps99b1dd55.jpg

 photo IMGP0572_zpsd276a7b2.jpg
17 inches

 photo IMGP0574_zps4542a368.jpg
20 inches

 photo IMGP0575_zps7ae69c66.jpg

 photo IMGP0584_zpscc3eb0e7.jpg

 photo IMGP0583_zpsa57bb8d1.jpg
22 inches