Winner of 2014 Fishing Reports Contest!

Every Year host a fishing reports contest and the winner wins a new fly rod. The winner won a Echo SR3106 10’6″ 3 4 A FAST $329.99. This years fishing report contest:

Here is part of 2014 fishing report:



For a student of Colby College, the fall is a magical time. The semester breathes new life into our social and academic endeavors as we bask in the vibrant oranges, deep reds and bright yellows of the autumn months. Suddenly and without warning, new and familiar faces flock to Mayflower Hill from all corners of the world, like a pod of salmon moving up the Roach to spawn. Analogous to the dynamic Maine trout stream, each student carves out their own niche in the greater institution of our school. Some prefer to act or to dance, to hike up mountains or to play sports, to cook or to photograph. And still, some others find the need to feed an addiction for which an FDA approved treatment medication has yet to be developed nor even desired. I am of course referring to fly-fishing. Thanks to the small size of my school, I quickly discovered several other guys as enthusiastic about the sport as myself. A couple had been fly fishing for a few years like myself while one or two were completely new to it but quite eager to learn the basics and develop their modest skills. Together we have explored this great state and deepened our understanding of fly-fishing, the Real Maine that too many of our classmates never experience, what “spring” means up here, Maine Italians (I call ‘em grinders), and women. Below are a few brief introductions to the Fishing Boys as we are known, my roommates and some my dearest friends I’ve made. NOTE: I do apologize for the range of quality of photographs. With 8+ people taking photos all over the two different rivers from the report below, some were better equipped than others. (ranges from my fogged up iPhone to Casey’s very expensive camera).



Jake is an Old Man at heart. John Gierach and Mr. Abbuhl are kindred spirits. He learned this sport from his grandfather and his uncle the year before Colby. However, in just the few years that he has attended our school, he has made waves as the arguable figurehead of the student fly-fishing culture at Colby. Below is an excerpt from an article he wrote for the Colby Echo, a student run newspaper: “Hello. My name is Jake Abbuhl and I have a fly-fishing problem. I can’t stop fly-fishing and searching for new places to fish. Whenever someone hears that I like to fish, I almost always get the same question: “Oh that’s cool, where do you fish?” I get the feeling that people think I have one spot on some lake about 20 minutes from campus. This is not the case. I love rivers and, fortunately, Maine has awesome rivers all over the state. Some of these rivers are even open for year-round fishing. Sadly, my fishing addiction does not fall dormant in the winter. I can be found on the side of a stream in January trying to tie a fly to my line with frozen fingers and almost no chance of actually catching a fish.”


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