“Yes, You Are Going With Me”

I had been trying to get time off from work for a while. I was sick of winter and work, as well as stressed with life and just needed time to forget about everything. The best way for me to deal with stress is to fish. I forget all my problems and only think about the task at hand. So, on Friday March 20th, I was given two weeks off, so I made reservations in New York to fish for steelhead and I booked flights to Florida for my boys and I.

Our first stop was the Bethel Inn for the Annual Fly Fishing Show but this is the real reason we go! IMG_0279   IMG_0276 IMG_0277 On the 21st I had a booth at the Bethel fly Fishing show and planned to leave the following morning for NY. It was going to be a solo trip until one of my clients walked in. He had been talking about NY for a while, so I asked him if he wanted to head with me in the morning. He had a town meeting he was suppose to speak at for his company but after several texts and a little arm twisting, he was in.

SONY DSC                          I love seeing this sign after an 8 hour drive! IMG_0284   SONY DSC This was some really tough conditions to fish in; 6 degrees to 24 as a high. Our guides on the rods were icing up and our hands and feet were cold, but it didn’t keep us away or the fish from biting. As always I base my trip there by hook ups not landed fish. In 2 1/2 days we had close to 30 hooks ups. I was able to land three fish and Dave got one to his feet, but no picture, since he decided to leave the net back in the truck.

IMG_0295                                                            A little Cold! SONY DSC SONY DSC                                                   Stone Flies were hatching.SONY DSC                                            I guess it was too cold for people.SONY DSC                        Thirteen miles of River and the guy has to fish right above Dave! SONY DSC                                              Testing out a new fish mask.SONY DSC   SONY DSC   SONY DSCSONY DSC   This trip was really needed. I got my fishing fix in and I got rid of some stress. It was a great trip with Dave but I don’t think he will be making a March trip back any time soon.