Fishing in Maine has Been Great!

I know this has been a crazy weather season but fishing in Maine has been great. I started guiding in May for northern pike and rolled into bass and trout a week later. It all has been great fishing but with tough weather conditions, rain and 20 mph winds, has made it tough for my fly casters. However, they kept at it and were rewarded with some great fish. I truly believe Maine has some of the best fishing in the country, 50 smallmouth on the fly, caddis hatches all day long, monster wild brook trout and some of the nicest people around. And don’t forget all the different species of fish we have. If you are planning a fishing trip and are not sure where to go, head to Maine!

I have few opening in August and September,give me a call 207.944.1691


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These are only a small sample of the fish we have caught this year.