Fathers Day 2015

Typically on Father’s day weekend, I am guiding, but this year I had a cancelation and instead of trying to fill it, I decided the boys and I would head some where camping and fishing. We are very fortunate in Maine to have a lot of camp sites, some free and some you pay a small fee. Just grab a Gazetteer and search your favorite area. I gave the boys a choice of any where in Maine and they picked one of their favorites. A remote camp site in Northern Maine.


A great place to start our trip!


A pit stop for creme horns!




I think they like it because of how we have to get there. You can only access it by boat, so we loaded my jet boat and headed out on a beautiful day. We were quick to set up camp and go fishing. I think this trip we actually spent more time fishing than times in the past. Our goal was to see how many species we could catch in the two days, so the plan was to fish some spots on the way home. Unfortunately, we got pounded with rain on Sunday, so the few places were blown out, so we headed to the movies Sunday afternoon.




Buffalo in Blanchard



A goat and a pitbull,best friends


IMG_3155At the lake we were able to catch white perch, yellow perch, one of our favorites, chubs and smallmouth bass. As with all my trips this year, the wind was blowing so we had to find places out of the wind, since we only fly fish and the wind is not our friend. The boys always amaze me with their ability. I know most adults would not have kept fishing in those conditions but they just kept casting and were rewarded with many bass and other fish people would have frown at, but we embraced them.


As with any trip with my boys, I truly feel blessed to have two great boys, not only because they can fish, but they are two great individuals to be around. I truly look forward to our next fishing trip and I hope we have many more adventuress throughout the years.



A tradition








Happy Fathers day to me!

Happy Fathers day to me!