Every Trip is an Adventure!

As I get older and think about each outing, they all are their own adventure. Even if it’s just a trip close by to fish for chubs, or a trip around the world. We all dream of going some where exotic to fish, but there are adventures right in our own backyard. My oldest reminded me of this recently on a couple fishing trips.

I had an open day, so of course I took the family fishing, what else would I do? It was a quick trip for smallmouth bass on fly rods. My oldest still had the taste of losing the big fish from the week before in his mouth. He was determined to fish his little trout rod in hopes of catching a big bass and oh he did! We had bass rising off a point and if you drifted your fly down to a rising fish, you would hook up. I was just releasing my second fish when Jax, my youngest, hooks up. As I am reaching for the net, Tait hooks up and that’s when he let’s out a big scream,”Oh my god!” He got his shot at a big river smallmouth on a 3 weight fiberglass fly rod. You will have to watch the video because I can’t put into words the excitement he had, as he fought this fish. The video puts a smile on my face every time.

The next adventure Tait had was right near our house where there is a small stream with sunfish, chubs and small bass. When I got home from work, he went on and on about how he had to bike there and back, had several meetings with dogs and waiting for his buddy who was sleeping in the house as he yelled over and over, and forgetting items. Oh and he caught a few fish at the stream, but what he seemed to remember most, was the trip there and back, not actually the fishing.

So soak up every part of your adventure, the tastes, smells, the broken rods, the mishaps. It is all part of the adventure of the trip. No matter if it is close to home or a thousand miles away. Stop wishing you were some where else and live in the moment.