What Not To Do When Fishing

I am going to try to blog as often as I can in 2016 about what not to do when fishing. They  will all be meant to be educational and to get you to think the next time your are out on the water.

First advice I have :

Please do not take a poop in the middle of an active trail!

A few years ago I was up in Rockwood on a popular river. We were wade fishing and the spot I wanted to fish was way down river. We had to hike the trail as we are walking and talking, I scan a head and I just happen to catch a guy pulling up his pants and waders. He had just taken a poop in the middle of the path! Not off to the side but right in the middle of the trail.

We have all been there, so have some respect for others using the area and go way out in the woods and find a nice log to hang your ass off and do your duty.


                                    The proper way to use a trail  to the river