What Not to Do When Fishing

I feel the learning curve is huge when it comes to any sport. Each sport has its own etiquette and ways to do things. Fishing is no different.  Why not treat it the way you live your every day life? Lets just respect the people and environment we are using. Why can’t it be that simple?


When you are at work or hanging with friends and someone is in the middle of a conversation, you don’t interrupt . Well, it is no different when you encounter someone on the water. Pretend like they are in the middle of something really important and don’t want to be disturbed. I know with our busy lives, sometimes our only escape is an hour or two on the pond or favorite stream. The last thing most people want is someone disturbing them. An old-timer once said,  if you encounter someone on the river, try to make sure they don’t even know you are there.

With more and more people fishing the popular rivers it is hard to not run into someone so just be respectful.  If someone is in a spot you want, don’t go stand there like you are at Red Box waiting for a movie. No one needs that pressure of having to hurry.

unspecifiedSo the next time you encounter someone deep in focus fishing a run or pool, let them be. Make sure they don’t know you were even there.