What’s in Your Sight Line?

“ I design quality accessories that connect me to my passion for the outdoor. Inspired by the state of mind that all outdoor lovers get when we are in our element; what we see in our” sight line” is personal and most often what makes our time on the water or in the woods special.”

Edgar, Founder

I found Sight Line when I came across one of his images on Instagram. I was instantly drawn to his product. As you all know, I am a little crazy about fishing but what you don’t know, I like to look good when out on the town or even on the water. I already wear bracelets but nothing like this.

I instantly contacted Edgar about getting one of  his  artist bracelets. We emailed and texted several times and decided on a design. A one of a kind bracelet with a trout. It is awesome and I wear it every day to work, on the water and out on the town.


What really draws me to his product is Edgar himself.  He is an artist and passionate about his product, which comes through in the bracelets . The bracelets are also very affordable. They range from $50 for a basic design to $150 for the one of kind piece.

I think this will make a great gift for Mother’s or Father’s day or for any special occasion. If you just like good quality jewelry and like to show off whats in your sight line then you will really enjoy this product.

Let me know if you get one and what you think.


Kevin McKay