Stripers are easy!

When you know the right person. I am fortunate that one of my good friends is one of Maine’s premier fishing guides, James Browne and he is one hell of a fisherman. I happened to have a day off from my busy guide schedule, so I call James to see if he had time to take us fishing. He happened to have an opening, so I book a motel room and the boys and I head south after I guide for the day.

We spent the evening hanging out and relaxing at the hotel because we had to get up at 3:30 a.m. to meet James. That was the perfect tide. He told me if it was like the last couple of days we would be very happy with he day. To say we had a good time would be an understatement. My third cast I had a small striper.  No matter the size they are all fun and put a bend in the rod.

We had none stop action for four hours. We caught over 50 fish and missed a ton.  The stripers were all different sizes. Our largest was 27 inches.  And who knows how big those ones might have been that we missed. At one point the boys and I were hooked up all at the same time and I know James could have also but he snapped some pictures of us instead .

So if you are looking for a change or are just in south Maine with family and want to sneak away for a few hours call  Eldridge Bros Fly Shop 207.363.9269 and ask for James.

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