Fishing Report for September 2016

As everyone knows the state is in a drought. I suspect it is keeping a lot of you from going out but I am here to tell you that there is places out there with water and the fish are willing  eat you’re fly. The leaves are starting to change and the air temperatures  have started to cool.The fish are moving into the rivers to spawn. I have found with every little push of rain fish are moving up river.


IMG_2031I’ve had the opportunity to get out and actually fish the last few days and I’ve done well. I fished one of Maine’s larger rivers and a smaller one. Both produced many fish.  Many on dries. I caught them on size 8 stimulators and elk hair caddis.  I also did some nymphing with big stones and brassies. Both produced many fish.




IMG_2035Even some of the smaller brooks are cool enough now and I have seen reports of people catching small wild fish. You just need to get out and explore. You are running out of time for the rivers and streams in most states. At the end of September most places will close until April but if you check the law book you will find there are rivers that stay open through October and some year round.

IMG_2056 IMG_2059