Spey Daze

The alarm goes off at midnight and I hop out of bed. Quickly dressing in the clothes that are lying at the foot of my bed. I jump into my truck, thankful I packed it the night before. After shaking out the cobwebs, the eight hour drive for steel begins. As I drive, we talk about past trips, fish lost and landed, flies that always work and the ones that don’t. Several coffee stops and bathroom breaks later, I find my heart racing as I see the sign for our exit. There’s something about steelhead that gets in your blood. What stands out the most though is the take. If you ever get one to take on the swing, it is a take like no other.

I don’t find myself swinging flies that often but after watching Spey Daze, I need to feel the Daze! This new film is broken up into two discs. Both are approximately 3 1/2 hours long. But don’t let the length fool you. It is very well done and will get you hooked right from the get go. Robert leaves no stone unturned while telling the spey story.

He follows fishermen through their trials and tribulations of steel head alley. Capturing why each of them chase these fish, the sweet taste of victory when landing one and the agony of defeat when the steel is lost. Each of us has a different reason for getting out there but the the underlying theme is always the same, they get in our blood and we can’t get them out.

Over the years, I found myself looking forward to watching certain film makers work over others. Robert Thompson is one of them. I became a big fan of his when he came out with Zero to Hero, a film I watch annually. Each of his films are unique in themselves. You get the sense that he just let’s each of them take shape on their own. Spey Daze is no exception.

Whether you’re heading out steelheading to swing or bounce flies off the bottom this film is a must see. It will give you an idea what it is all about while telling the story of great lakes steel.

Check out other films by Robert Thompson while you’re at it. You wont be disappointed.

You can purchase it here or at your local fly shop: http://www.thirdyearflyfisher.com