Pyrography by Dylan Stewart


I recently had the opportunity to meet Dylan Stewart, the Artist behind What is pyrography? I asked the same question. I had never heard of it until now. Pyrography is simply a fancy word for wood burning but Dylan takes it to a whole new level. I am working on a project called The Journal, I hope to introduce to you soon. This project is what lead me to Dylan. I got to see first hand his wood burning skills and I was quickly impressed. Prior to our interview, I had asked him make me a 40″ striper, which now hangs on my wall. Watching him work my piece and now seeing the finished product on my wall is pretty cool. His talent is incredible.

Dylan draws the fish by hand and then transfers it onto a piece of plywood. He then cuts the fish out and begins to bring the fish to life, burning all the scales, fins and details of the fish. He has developed a few tricks over time that help him bring life to the fish.

I have simplified his process in this article but you really need to check out his work at