Florida Adventures 2017

It’s that time of year once again, spring break,  which means another trip south. Florida is where I want to be for a little fishing therapy before my crazy guide season begins. This year my girlfriend and I  decided to make the trek down together in my “new” convertible.  And by new I mean new to me.

We will be gone a total of 10 days. We want to share our adventures with you so we will be posting photos daily. We hope you enjoy our adventures through these photos!

Day1- Thursday,  April 20, 2017

We left Parkman at 11:00pm. Our plan was to get the majority of the miles under our belt on day 1. So, with a couple of coffees and 5hour energies, we were off. Both excited for the adventure to begin!

12 hours, many coffees and lots of miles layer…


And 1 hour later…