Day 3 It’s Raining Wine

Day 3 It’s Raining Wine

It’s Sunday and our first full day in Florida. The plan was to explore and fish but the weather had a different plan.  We woke up to rain and not just a little rain, a downpour!

So what does one do in Florida when it rains? You go to the mall but first some breakfast.

Hobo’s Kitchen is a great little restaurant and the people are extremely friendly. Tourism is obviously something this area thrives on so to find a less touristy place to sit and have a great breakfast was refreshing. Hobo’s is locally owned and operated. Most of their employees have been there for years and we were told that often times their children accompanied them to work. We sat at the counter and talked with one of the locals for most of our time there. After enjoying the best Monte Cristo ever, we were off to the mall!

The mall was a 2 story maze of high end stores and restaurants.

On one end there was a new restaurant and winery called Cooper’s hawk. We had a ball trying new wines and chatting with the wine specialist. She was able to tell us all about their wine making process as well as her own personal experiences. When the tasting was done we explored the mall and then returned to the restaurant for some lunch.

Their food was AMAZING! Their menu offered wine pairings to make it easier to chose a wine.  A return visit to Cooper’s Hawk winery and restaurant is a must.