Maine Fishing Report

This has started out to be a great year of fishing here in Maine. We had a lot of rain at the beginning but it was much needed. All the rivers and streams have settled and are warming up, which means the hatches have started. Hendricksons have come and gone and now caddis are starting to hatch in most places. In the next few weeks keep a look out for the Hexagenia may fly which hatches on our muddy bottom ponds. I like a 5 weight fly rod for most situations with trout and salmon.

Most of the bass are past spawn and are starting to key in on dragon flies and soon damsels. I find pretty much any fly will work if you can just cast where you have rising fish or suspect one. I like a 6 or 7 weight rod depending on the fly I am throwing.

Our season isn’t that long so get out there and enjoy our weather!