Sometime Times the Stars Line Up!

If you ever wanted to try for stripers, this seems to be the year to do it. There are a lot of small fish around which at times can be easier to catch. People are catching them from Kittery up into the Penobscot river. I had blocked out three days to not guide and you guessed it,I went fishing. I called my buddy Jim, who runs Eldredge Bros Fly Shop and James, who is a guide for stripers from Portland south. I told them I wanted to get Jax on stripers. They both didn’t hesitate and said get your butt down here. So we loaded the car and headed to southern Maine.

The first day was spent with Jim in his skiff. The wether wasn’t the best so we had to find areas out of the wind but we couldn’t beat the ran. We must have fished for 10 hours in the rain but Jax caught well over 20 fish.  I threw out a cast and got a fat 25″ striper and Jim also had a hefty fish on. So there are some bigger fish around. As much as we love the fishing, a special part of the trip is staying at Jim’s. He is a quite private person and doesn’t let just anyone in. So to be able to hang out at night with Jim and Jax and tell stories, laugh and tease each others truly what the trip was about. The fish are only part of the whole experience. Really the fish is just a means to create a special memory.

The next morning James was at Jim’s at 5 am and we were all ready, even Jim. He decided to fish the morning with us.  We loaded three cars and headed to one of James’ wading spots. I’m not very good at describing the feeling and smell of fishing the salt in the morning but it is one of the greatest feelings in the world. As I walked behind the three of them, I truly felt blessed, even got choked up. Here are two of the greatest fishermen I know and they are taking the time out of their busy schedules to give my son a experience he won’t forget.

The pictures will tell the story for themselves but it is not the fish that we all chase but an escape. There is nothing out there, not drug or alcohol that will make you forget for a moment, all the problems in your life or the world. Fishing of any kind will do that, I just happen to fly fish. When fishing we focus so hard on the next bite that everything is forgotten. So if you just need an escape grab a rod and get out there. Life is too short. Go create some memories!