Sword fighting, drug lords, beautiful women, cool cocktails and fishing! Oh and adventure! What else could you want in a book? Linsenbigler has it all! Over the past few years I have had the pleasure of guiding Brian M. Wiprud for smallmouth bass. I had heard rumors that he was a writer but never seen any of his books. This past summer he presented me with his latest book out of a series of three. I must tell you, I can’t wait for the next one to come out!

Linsenbigler is a tale of a fly fisherman and free-lance writer who finds himself creating bitters in his basement. And for all of you , like myself, who don’t know what bitters is, here is a definition. Bitters: traditionally an alcoholic preparation flavored with botanical matter such that the end result is characterized by a bitter, sour or bittersweet flavor. A huge conglomerate brands him and sells the crap out of his product. He finds himself with a lot money and decides there is no point writing anymore and heads off to fish the world. He ends up at Boca Boca Tarpon Lodge one evening and needs to relieve himself off the balcony. When doing so he ends up knocking out a thief in the night. All this gives his publicist the idea to do a huge commercial campaign based Linsenbigler’s exploits. They send him off to the Bahamas to solve a murder and this is where the real adventures beginsI

I really like the characters and how the story flows. Brian does a great job taking you on Linsenbigler’s adventures. As a fly fisherman I love how he subtly works some fishing in without it becoming the books main focus. I think this is a great book for everyone not just fishermen. I’m really look forward to the next book in this series. Luckily for me it comes out in two weeks!

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