The Best Bass Flies by Jay Zimmerman

There are a ton of fly tying books out there and I find a lot of them to be boring. A few years ago John Barr came out with what I thought was the best fly tying book out there and I use it all the time. Recently I was given a book called The Best Bass Flies by Jay Zimmerman . I was a little skeptical at first since it didn’t have any of my personal GoTo patterns in it. How could these be the best bass flies? But then again I’m no Bob Clouser. However, when the first fly pattern I come to is The Clouser Minnow, which is one of the best bass flies ever created, it was winning me over.


Jay Zimmerman did a great job with this book. He has some of the “old stand byes” but he also has some new, creative patterns that I know I will be tying over the winter. I guide people from around the country for smallmouth and often times I end up with other, unfamiliar flies in my boat. No clue what they are or where they came from but I have found several of them in Jay’s book.

Jay gives a back story with each fly and does a great job showing you step by step photos. Jay’s pictures are large and clear, making it easier to tie the flies.

I know this is a little early to think Christmas but this would be a great gift for that fly tyer in the family. The Best Bass Flies by Jay Zimmerman is an informative guide to some great flies both old and new and a great addition to any fly tyers library.