Christmas Ideas 2017

It’s that time of year once again…Christmas!! What better way to kick off the shopping season than with our 2017 All Things Fly Christmas List.  Stac and I have put together a list of our favorite things to help give you ideas for that fly fisher in your life.  We’ve tried to give you a range of things from small stocking stuffer items to higher priced gifts they would never buy for themselves.  Kick back, relax and enjoy our 2017 Christmas List!

Striking Gold Jewelers is a must for everyone’s Christmas list. I have known Peter and Leesa for many years and have even guided them a few times. They own Striking Gold Jewelers and I recently had time to stop in and visit them at their store in Ellsworth, Maine. They create amazing jewelry all by hand from scratch.  I noticed a few pieces when I was there and thought they would make great gifts for your special someone who loves to fish.  Visit their shop, I promise you’ll thank me for it .Kevin


A gift certificate to  Maine Fishing Adventures Over the past few years there has been huge interest in learning to fly fishing from both Mainers and folks from away. A gift certificate to learn to fly fish or even a guided trip would make a great gift!  There is always something to learn. We will teach you knots, entomology, casting and even how to catch, land and release fish. Maine Fishing adventures does it all from free lodging to drinking a cold beer after you catch your first fish or just kicking back at the end of the day to talk about the days adventures .Kevin and Stac

After of one year of fishing with Maine Fishing Adventures

For the reader on your list, “Linsenbigler, The Bear” or “Linsenbigler” by Brian M. Wiprud. I have been guiding Brian and Joanne for several years now and recently Brian released two new books. They are a fun and easy reading books and Brian is a great story teller. I think this would make a great gift for that certain someone . He also has a third book coming in the series. Check out his books here: Kevin


Don’t forget the lady angler in your life! I had been looking for a new wading belt for quite some time when I stumbled upon Fishewear . I wanted a colorful, bright and fun new wading belt but couldn’t find one that wasn’t super masculine. I instantly fell in love with their Troutragepus Rainbow belt when I saw it.  Fishewear  offers a variety of fishing essential for the ladies!! They have everything from wading belts to buffs, dry bags to leggings. They are colorful, abstract and fun! Give a Fishewear  gift to the lady angler in your life…she’ll love you for it!! Stac


When I went to the Jersey show this year I hoped to find a sling pack that fit my petite frame.  Many packs I found were too big, sat too low on my body or just not compact enough for me. I’m small so finding things like this can be difficult.  I love the Umpqua Switch 600 ZS Sling Pack because it fit me! I was able to adjust the strap so the pack sat high enough on my body to not sit in the water while I fished. It has tons of storage,  a place to stick my flies as I fish and change out flies, a place to store my forceps, keeping them out of the way yet handy when I need them and nippers are attached to the sling for convenience. I have room for my fly boxes, extra clothing, hat, snacks and a drink or two.  I can easily spin the pack from my back to my chest to access everything I may need.  It’s worth the money to have a pack that not only fits but is fully functional as well! Stac


It’s all about the flies! It’s been a year since I received my new HMH vise and it’s been a great year!  I have tied everything from a size 22 to 2/0 on it. I think it would be a great upgrade to anyone’s tying table. Whether you’re a beginner or advance tyer, these vises are the best and they are made right here in Maine! Kevin


Each year at our Freeze Up we give away an Echo Base outfit for our kids casting contest. Many of us over the years have actually cast this rod and I have to say I’m pretty impressed with how well they cast for a $170 rod. If you have someone who is interested in getting into fly fishing or just needs a new addition to their collection, this would make a great gift! Kevin 


Do you have someone that likes higher end gear?  The new G Series from Scott Fly Rods is the ticket. This rod won “best new fresh water rod” in 2017. Scott remade their G 2 fly rod making it tighter resulting in a straighter cast.  I have a 8’8″ 5 weight and I’ve fished it for everything from sunfish to big smallmouth bass. In addition to getting a well made product made right here in the US you will be getting a beautiful work of art.  So if you have someone who likes the finer things in life, well this is it. Kevin


A recent trend seems to be leather cuff like bracelets for men and woman. We stumbled upon  Sight Line Provisions and  knew instantly we had to have one of their incredible pieces.  Sight Line Provisions creates well made, handcrafted, amazing bracelets and more.  We’ve had ours for two years now and wear it doing everything. Whatever your Sight Line is,  they have a bracelet for you. We highly recommend one of their cool bracelets for Christmas. Kevin and Stac


Each year across the country there are new fly fishing films being released. One of the films released this past year is Running The Coast, a film about the striper migration from Rhode Island to Maine.  What better way to spend a snowy winter day than watching a great fly fishing film! You can find the film at most fly shop or on his web site www.howardfilms.comKevin


Providence   is another great film from the film tour.  It is an adventure beyond our wildest dreams. There are fish many of us have never heard of and huge fish we only dream of catching. This film will leave you wanting to save your pennies for the trip of a life time and long for warmer days. The story is amazing and will keep you drawn in until the end. It has some of the best fishing footage I have ever seen. This is a must for that fisherman in your life.You can purchase here: or at your local fly shop.Kevin


We hope our Christmas List gave you some great ideas. Happy shopping and Merry Christmas!

Kevin and Stac