Maine Musky Fishing

I’ve notice a big surge recently in the fly fishing world, Musky on the fly seems to be where it’s at. Here in Maine and all over the country people are setting out in search of the elusive predator fish.  So it was only natural that I myself would want to set out on that same adventure. As most of you know I’m a big fan of my home state of Maine, so not only did I want to catch a musky on the fly,  I wanted to do so right here in Maine!  Lucky for me we have a large population of musky and they are not the fish of 10,000 cast in Maine.

This past October I had the opportunity to spent three days in northern Maine throwing 8″ flies with a Scott 10 weight fly rod with Airflo 400 grain sinking line. This is not a easy task in the wind and snow,  from sun up to sun down in freezing temperatures.

I spent weeks watching youtube videos on musky flies, leader setup and the famous figure eight retrieval. Even with all that research I still felt in the dark, which excited me. The musky trip brought something out in me that I didn’t know I was missing. I have spent the last 20 plus years trying to better myself as a fisherman that the freshness or newness of fishing had gone. I truly love the learning process of fishing. Learning the fish, the water, the hatch. This musky trip brought that back for me. I was fishing for something new and I didn’t know what to expect. That excited me.

I wasn’t alone in my adventure though.  My girlfriend Stac and our client Scott, both fairly new to fly fishing were both up for the challenge. I also called Del who owns and operates He was a great addition to our musky team on this challenge. A great guy who absolutely knows his stuff. I had the pleasure meeting Andrew with Higher Elevations  this summer and was excited when he was up for  filming the whole experience.

All the research paid off!  I won’t go into great detail about the trip but I will tell you I accomplished my goal of landing a Maine musky on a fly rod. The excitement of that first fish and even just having one follow my fly right up to the boat made my heart come out of my chest.  I was shaking after I landed my first one and once pictures were taken I immediately needed another one, only bigger! Which I was able to do!

I will leave most of the details of our trip to the film because there is way more to this then us catching the musky. I have always said its not the fish but the adventure and I think we truly discovered that on this Maine Musky Trip! I feel we had a great team, myself,Stac,Scott,Del, Andrew and Nelson. I hope we work on many projects going forward.