The Secret Club

Last weekend Stac and I headed out for our first day off with no fishing since spring. We had a busy fishing season with guests staying with us almost every weekend. I was completely booked every day except for what I purposely scheduled off. So finally having a day to just go shopping and sample some of Bangors eateries was truly a day well worth waiting for.

First stop, Masons, in Brewer. It’s one of our favorite micro breweries around. They have great food and great beer. But this blog isn’t about Masons or food or beer, its about being part a secret club, well not really a secret club but a club. A club that doesn’t have many members but all are welcome to join no matter who you are. What club you ask? The fly fishing club! We are a group that loves the outdoors and loves to fish. And whether we know it or not we have a secret way of letting others know our love for it when out and about. Here’s what I’m talking about…. when we were at Mason’s we saw a large family being seated near us. One of the guys had a hat on that caught my eye. It was a hat created by an artist friend, Alex. He specializes in fishing art and apparel.  I wanted to go up to him and introduce myself and ask if he’d been out lately. I felt I had made a connection with a total stranger without even speaking to them. Later that same day we were at the movies and amongst all the people there was a  guy with a Hatch Reel hat on. Stac and I instantly looked at each other and smiled. He fishes! Again making that connection of sorts. So it is this secret club I am talking about. Most people don’t know what the logos stand for unless you fish and it’s a way for people to connect without speaking word! 

I wonder if we need a secrete hand shake or just special nod or wink to let each other know we are part of that same club?!

Here is a few I found laying around my place but there are many more: