Cast Alaska Film Review

By Kevin McKay
Edited by Jennifer Bowman-McKay

“ If you fish long enough and you will get ask the question why?” Have you ever tried to answer that question? I think it is one of the hardest ones to answer. There are so many reasons, the fish, friends, adventure, the beauty of it all and the water. The new film Cast Alaska has it all.

Dave Holsman and friends try to show why they all fish but they show you in one of the prettiest places on earth Alaska. Follow Dave and Bobby fish around their back yard in search of beautiful leopard rainbows and you will find yourself jealous that they have this river out their front door of their dream camp.

Dave will take you on a quest of a life time in search of a 30 inch rainbow and the tribulations that it takes on the way there. What would you do just to catch that trophy of a life time. Follow Dave and his friends around and see the trouble they get themselves into.

This film has some of the best cinematography I have seen in a film. If you haven’t dreamed of heading to Alaska this film will get you to start planning your own adventure for that 30 inch rainbow and if you have been it will leave you longing to go back.

I would defiantly add this to your film collection and start planning that trip of a life time

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