You Have Only 15 Days Left!

I can’t believe we only have 15 days left in September! What does that mean? It means a majority of the places in Maine will be closed to fishing but the good news is  there are places left open to fishing by extended season or open year round to fly fisherman!

Let’s talk September, most dam release rivers in Maine have to release water to allow fish to spawn and that means all those key rivers that have been low do to summer temperatures and low water, now have cool water temp. The influx of water triggers the fish to move from the lakes into the rivers to spawn. So if you wanted to catch a trophy brook trout or salmon your chances may have just increased.

A few good flies to try for trout and salmon, Black stone nymph size 8, green and red Copper Johns size 14,16,18, Flash Back pheasant tails size 14,16,18,20, any Marabou streamer, BWO dries size 18,20, or a Stimulator size 8. These are what I using while guiding.

If you like smallmouth, you will find they are a little fatter this time of year. They are feeding heavily getting ready of winter! The best time to target them is when the water has had time to warm up a little. Right now our nights are getting colder and the fish are not as active in the early part of the day. Not to say they won’t eat but just more active as the day goes on. This time of year I’m throwing an assortment of steamers and sometimes, if conditions are right, I will throw a popper. As it continues to get colder the fish will start to move to deep holes and slow their eating for the winter but right now they are still spread out and feeding heavily.

I think this is my favorite time of year. The air is cool, the leaves are changing and the fish are the prettiest they will be all year. Get out there before the water freezes and enjoy fall in Maine!

Kevin McKay and Stacy Chiasson